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Detail of Nano technology fabrics:

Nano-technology in Fabrics

Nanotechnology used for making composite fabric with NANO-sized particles or fibers which allows improvement of fabric properties without a significant increase in weight, thickness, or stiffness. The technology used is a NANO particle coating, similar to the one already used to keep windows clear. The coating, which is non-toxic, can be permanently bonded to the fiber and does not alter its texture and feel.

Besides the convenience and usefulness, this is also a wonderful environmental advance, as self-cleaning technology will help in reducing the consumption of chemicals, such as detergents and dry-cleaning solvents, water, and energy.

Nanotechnology may help turn fabrics into lightweight batteries.

Some of the features of NANO fabrics

Stains are allowed to wash out easily
Natural absorbency retained
Long lasting protection for fabrics
Natural softness retained
Nanotechnology builds permanent spill and stain resistance into the fiber structure
Retaining fabrics natural softness as Nanotechnology resist spills and keeps stains from soaking in
Nanotechnology used on cotton fabrics moves moisture away from the skin and isolates it on the outer surface of fabrics. This helps to get rid of heavy, wet feeling when you are at work.
You can move easily from hot to cold environments, still you feel dry due to the technology used on fabrics
NANO fabrics dries more faster than any other fabrics

NANO fibers are made with composites polymeric material which emit FAR-INFRARED rays and NEGATIVE IONS. The combination of FAR-INFRARED rays and NEGATIVE IONS help improve blood circulation, gives stress relief, increase mental alertness, and assist faster recovery from fatigue and injuries.

FEATURES of Nano Fabrics
Antibacterial effect, anti-mold (Exceptional)
Anti UV ray
Heat conductive
Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
High elastic material & comfortable to wear
Easy to wash
Cell-activating, increases production of negative ions and copper ions
Strengthens blood flow and clears up swelling
Improves collagen secretion for wound recovery

Provides the optimal enhancement in blood circulation. Increases the metabolism & preventing exhaustion
Relieves the body of metabolic wastes
Dissolves free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat and strengthens skin elasticity to achieve weight loss and a lean body.
Slims & shapes up the body naturally and cost effective
Firms up the tummy, breasts & hips
Excrete toxins from body
Decreases Leucorrhea (white discharge)
Prevents hemorrhoid
Removes foul smell
Relieves pain in the waist, constipation etc
Prevents accumulation of germs
Gives long-lasting effect
The Far Infrared inside the material lasts a minimum of 3 years
Do not use any slimming gel or slimming cream with NANO fabrics
It can be used anytime, more effective when used at night
Urine is dark and smelly in early use indicating removal of excessive fat
Recommended for post delivery use ; to get body back to normal form